A hostel living environment

This weekend I took another car load of stuff to my dad’s. Most of my belongings are out of Owen and Jamie’s, but I don’t know how to get my bed and small couch out of there and to Dad’s. It sounds like they’re okay with those going in their basement until I can bring a U-Haul trailer to their place en route to Chicago next month.

I have become more accepting of the infeasibility of my getting both a job and an apartment lease signed between Oct. 25 and Nov. 1 and am now looking into the cost of living at a YWCA or a hostel for most of November. Most hostels seem to be between $20-$40 a night, but I’m going to call around to some places and ask about a weekly rate. The word “hostel” sounds a little scary to me, but I mostly blame Eli Roth for that. My mom and I stayed at a Y one night in NYC and it wasn’t so bad. We had to share a bathroom but we got our own approximately 12 ft x 8 ft room. Close quarters, but it was cheap and temporary. Just like my future living situation!

No landlord is going to let me sign a lease without a job and my invitation to stay with my aunt’s mom is only for two weeks. I don’t want to make her nervous by asking to stay any longer, nor do I want to be the burden I’ve felt like for most of 2010 for any longer than that. My dad, aunt and uncle didn’t seem to think the hostel idea was so crazy and I know if they had any doubts they’d voice them. Have you ever stayed anywhere like that, abroad or in the states?

Because I am taking vacation days to go to NYC, I only have five more work days left. That is insane.