A weekend challenge

Because I am trying to save money before leaving for Chicago (a week from today) and taking a cross country road trip next month, I tried something last weekend: I did my best to not spend *any* money. I wasn’t 100 percent successful, but I definitely saved more than I would have if I hadn’t been making a conscious effort not to shell out some cash.

Last Saturday I bought Starbucks with a gift card (it was also “happy hour,” for half-price frappuccinos) and spent $8 in quarters doing laundry. I also caved and bought a decidedly NOT half-priced iced mocha at Caribou the next day, but all in all, I did alright.

This weekend, I can’t tell myself not to spend at all, because I have plans that require cash: breakfast with Eileen, farmers’ market visit, an¬†acquaintance’s¬†short film premiere and the LOST series finale at Studio 35. However, I have some control over these situations and the LOST premiere is free — although I fully intend to order food there to support Studio 35. I decided to get $50 in cash out of the ATM tonight and refuse to spend any more than that amount. I have a fridge full of food (minus some fresh veggies I intend to get at the farmers’ market) and a tank full of gas. I should be good to go, in theory. Bonus: Cash is a little harder for me to spend, like I understand it is for a lot of people; you’re physically handing over something instead of swiping an almost invisible number onto a thin piece of plastic someone then hands right back to you.

What are some of your money saving strategies? Do you ever try to trick yourself by making a game out of not spending? Or is that just me…

In honor of the LOST series finale

This is another radio piece I did in college, way back when LOST was in its third season. That was after the craziness of season two, where ABC tried to cash in on their new found source of moneybags and pump as much advertising into it as possible. Remember those effed up Sprite commercials? Or that book Sawyer was reading that later became an actual book you could pay real dollars for and as a result learn absolutely nothing additional about the show?

They went deep down the rabbit hole. Fortunately, as we know today, that phase was short-lived.