The perks of having creative friends

Look at the amazing recruiting flier Stacey drew up. I think I want to make a poster out of it or something.

I'm a fan of the title, too

She’s hanging it up around OSU. I need to think of somewhere to put some up this weekend. Any ideas?

Paging Pam Beasley

Tonight I went to my first Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association monthly mixer to try to recruit our crew and our last cast members for The Candidate. There were definitely more writer/directors and tech folks there, but a few actors. We may have found some crew people and an Alice, but we still need a Lauren and Councilman Philips. Oh, and a director of photography. Eeek. I was hoping tonight’s event would have rounded out the cast and crew, but there’s still work to be done.

The thing about Lauren is that I have a pretty firm opinion on who this actress should be. I need her to be down to earth, but confident and cute. I need her to be the Pam to our Jim (aka Matthew). Pam just lights up a room and that’s kind of hard to do. But anyway. I know she’s out there, somewhere in the Columbus area.

Stacey made a prettttty awesome piece for our candidate John Cunningham, complete with The Sleeper Hit-voter-approved fake campaign slogan. How cheesy is this:

Holy crap that's gonna look good on a hat

I hope Aryeh liked the one she made for the incumbent and Cunningham’s opponent. Because it was hilarious.

Embarking on the journey that is “Infinite Jest”

Not one but TWO bookmarks required

At the beginning of this month I started a second challenge: reading David Foster Wallace’s 1,079 page treatise on… well, I’m not all that sure yet. I first thought about tackling this book last summer when I saw this site, which documented the process of reading the thing over the course of three months– from June 21 to Sept. 22. An “Infinite” summer. However, I stumbled upon it some time in July and knew I wasn’t going to be able to catch up. Instead, I am reading it this summer, June 1 until Sept. 1. It averages out to about 75 pages a week — in theory. The thing I don’t understand about that method is the darn endnotes.

The last almost 100 pages of the book are endnotes, which are made reference to throughout the first 900+ something pages, so you’ve actually got to keep two bookmarks with you– one for the book and one for the endnotes. One endnote I came across within that first 75 pages last week was ten pages itself. I feel like I can’t go on reading the main text until I’ve read any endnote I come across; some online readers I’ve heard from say this is the way to do it, while others say you can go back and read them later. As long as you do read them, because they swear they’re important later.

I read “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men,” a collection of DFW short stories and essays, last month. I felt that was good practice for “Infinite Jest,” getting used to those bizarre endnotes and all. However, with that book, the endnotes were at the bottom of the page they are referred to on (and in many cases, the bottoms of several continuous pages). That’s not the case with “Infinite Jest,” but I think I actually prefer IJ’s layout between the two.

I want to write a review of “Brief Interviews” soon, especially since I finally got to see the movie over the weekend. The movie, which came out last fall, may have solidified my interest in DFW. It was adapted and directed by John Krasinski, who said in an interview that he used his first paycheck from “The Office” to buy the rights to this book. If that was not going to pique my interest, nothing ever would.

I got through the first 75 pages in Week 1, which means I better somehow get to 150 before Sunday night. For some reason it feels like it takes several minutes to get through a single page. There’s a few words I don’t know so I either have to figure them out in their context or look them up. I keep making notes of pages with passages I want to go back to, or lines that I liked. It’s a surprisingly difficult book to read, and it’s only the beginning, from what I hear. Wish me happy reading.

Making further progress

I am not doing so bad on those resolutions. Yesterday I started a book and today I found out I lost a little more weight. I have lost 13 pounds since Oct. 12!

The book I am now reading is “Whip It!” and I have to say, so far I like the movie character better than her paperback counterpart. The book’s narrator is just mean. But, I’m only around 40 pages in. Perhaps she sweetens to more of an Ellen Page standard at some point, although I am doubtful.

Speaking of “Whip It!” look at what I got for Christmas this year:


Ohmygoodness. You have no idea how excited I was to open that box. I had roller skates on my wish list this year but I didn’t really expect anyone to shell out the cash for them. And purple, even! Thank you, Owen and Jamie, for loving me this dollar amount’s worth! (And thank you, Michael Scott for that one). They said they were going to get me these along with the movie, but it turns out it’s not on DVD yet.

Last week I started Couch to 5K, a running program that, in theory, trains you for a 5K in nine weeks. I downloaded an iPhone app for it (one of the three apps I have now been willing to pay for). Brandon got me an arm band for my phone, so I strap the phone in, open the app and start the day’s run. Until you are more used to running (around week 5, as far as I can tell) the program has you alternating running with walking. A scary man’s voice tells you over your head phones to run, and then a minute or so later it tells you to walk. The app lets you play your iPod’s music through it and when you’re done with your work out it gives you the option to post a braggy message on facebook. I start week 2 tonight and will be running 90 seconds, then walking for 2 minutes, running, walking, etc. I am not a runner, and I was so sore all last week from doing what was essentially a mere 9 minutes of actual running three days a week. It’s a lot different from the elliptical machine, but you’re supposed to vary your cardio routine. Too bad running doesn’t burn as many calories. Thanks to Jessie E. for telling me about the program; she begins week 2 today as well.

Also, Brandon got me a work out game for the Wii in an after Christmas sale online. EA Active should be coming in the mail today or tomorrow, and then we’ll both be able to work out at the same time for a change. I got a Marshall’s gift card from Brandon’s brother and used it over the weekend to invest in some new work out clothes and a yoga mat. I do aerobics in our living room and our scratchy carpet does me no favors.

Another thing I bought this weekend is this:

I actually went to a sporting goods store of my own volition

College friend (and The Sleeper Hit reader) Jessi D. told me her thoughtful boyfriend picked up a set of these bicycle pedals for her to use at home. He also helpfully suggested she take them to the park and sit on a bench reading a book, pedaling away, to see how many odd looks she got. I am all in favor of this idea (videotaping = a must). I took these babies into work only to discover they don’t fit under my desk very well. Some furniture rearranging is needed. I tried to smuggle them into the building surreptitiously, but alas, there was one witness. He looked at me kind of funny.

From my family for Christmas, I was lucky enough to get not one, but TWO Hungry Girl cook books. I’ve been making one recipe from them every week night. Brandon likes what I’ve made so far, so that helps. It’s hard to lose weight without the support of the people you live with. In fact, with all this outpouring of love from my friends and family, I best be skinny come my birthday.